Jason Engineering

Jason is the supplier of preference for ship and platform constructors worldwide. As the world’s only single source FiFi I, II and III classification marine firefighting solutions, Jason’s high quality product and customer lead sales process has allowed it to capture a major share of the world’s marine firefighting market.

Founded in 1898, Jason has been producing marine fire-fighting systems and components since 1974. Its most recent development within this sector came with its 2007 acquisition of the Aker Kvaerner Subsea FiFi Department, bringing in-house the ability to design and manufacture all key elements of ship sets; fire monitors, fire pumps, transmissions in addition to electric / hydraulic control and telescopic masts.

  • Pumps & Transmissions
  • Gears
  • Monitors
  • Telescopic Masts
  • Solutions
  • Accessories
  • Oil-spill Dispersal Systems

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